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The Introduction Of Traveling Device On Crane

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Author : Carol Guo
Update time : 2021-04-28 12:11:43
The Introduction Of Traveling Device On Crane

Crawler parts is widely used in construction machinery, tractors and other field operation vehicles. Bad walking conditions require that the walking mechanism has enough strength and stiffness, and has a good ability of moving and turning. The track shoe is in contact with the ground, and the driving sprocket is not in contact with the ground. When the motor drives the driving roller to rotate, the driving wheel, under the action of the drive torque of the reducer, through the engagement between the wheel teeth on the driving wheel and the track chain, continuously rolls up the track from the rear.
The composition of the crawler
 parts is as follows: driving wheel, lower roller, guide wheel, upper roller and track shoe, tension device and buffer spring.

1.Track shoe⇒

Caterpillar is driven by a driving wheel, around the driving sprocket, bottom roller, idler roller and upper roller. The caterpillar is composed of track plate and track pin. The track pin connects each track shoe to form a track chain link. Due to the harsh working conditions, the crawler must have sufficient strength and stiffness, good wear resistance, light weight to reduce the consumption of metal, and reduce the dynamic load of the crawler during operation. The crawler and the ground should have good adhesion to ensure that it can send out sufficient traction, and should also consider reducing the resistance of driving and steering.

2.Drive Wheels/Drive Sprocket⇒

On the crawler crane, mostly drive wheels at the rear, the advantage of this arrangement is can shorten the length of the track driving section, reduce the track pin of the friction loss caused by the reducer, extend the service life of the track shoe, and not easy to cause the treads lower arch, avoid the steering tracked the risk of loss, is helpful to improve the efficiency of the walking system. The height of the driving wheel center should be conducive to reducing the body height and increasing the track grounding length, improving the adhesion performance, so the driving sprocket height should be as small as possible.

3.Upper Roller/Carrier Roller⇒

The role of the upper roller
 is to hold the track and prevent the track from drooping too large, so as to reduce the vibration and jump phenomenon of the track in motion and prevent the track from slipping sideways. The upper roller is similar to the lower roller, but the load it bears is smaller, and the working conditions are better than the lower roller, so the size is smaller.

4.Tensioning Device
The main function of the tension device is to realize the tensioning function of the track and prevent the track from falling.
The buffer spring of the tension device must have a certain amount of preload to produce pretension force in the crawler. Due to the recoil effect of the device, the tension spring pushes the guide wheel on the right side so that it always maintains a certain tension state during the working process, so as to guide the crawler tensioning guide wheel.

5.Idling Wheel⇒
The front and rear position of the idler 
wheel depends on the position of the drive wheel, usually in the front. The guide wheel is used to guide the track to rotate correctly to prevent deviation and deviation. The center height of the idler wheel from the ground should be conducive to lowering the center of gravity.

6.Lower Roller/Track Roller⇒
The lower
 roller function is to support the weight of crawler crane and bulldozer and make the crawler move along the wheel. The number and arrangement of lower wheels should be conducive to the uniform distribution of crawler grounding pressure. Agricultural walking mechanism mostly works in mountainous area or hilly area, the road surface is mostly dirt road, the crawler device needs small average ground ratio pressure, and the pressure of bottom should be evenly distributed.

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