Item No.: QUY50,QUY80,QUY100,QUY120,QUY250,SCC500,
QUY35, QUY50A, QUY50C ,QUY70,QUY80A,QUY80B,QUY100A,QUY120,QUY250,QUY320,QUY400 boom.
          FUWA,SANY Crane Lattic  Boom,Boom Head, Boom Foot,FIXED JIB,LUFFING  JIB Replacement & Repair

We are a supplier and Manufacturer of FUWA crawler crane boom for crawler cranes and heavy machinery equipment. From crane boom head, crane boom inserts to crane boom foot. Feel free to contact us for more information on crane parts boom and jib boom. Our factory can also accept drawing customization.

1.Product Detail:
Material: 35SiMn, 35SiMnMo, 28CrMnMo       
Condition: 100% New
Package: Plywood Box 
Warranty: 2500 Working Hours or One Year
Min Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Port of Loading: Shanghai, Dalian, etc.
Trade Terms: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment terms: T/T; Western Union or as agreed
Delivery Time: Most parts in stock. Usually need 7-20 days, according to the quantity.  

Boom Component:

Base Boom Base Combined use of all configuration.
A B&C Insert Boom Combined use between heavy duty boom and light boom.
T Insert tapered boom Combined use between light-duty boom and long boom.
Tip (Li) Boom tip Combined use between light-duty boom
D Mid-point boom Combined use between long boom and insert tower jib
E Insert boom Combined use between long boom and insert tower jib
F Insert boom Combined use between long boom and insert tower jib.
G Insert boom Combined use between long boom and insert tower jib.
Tip (Lg) Boom tip Combined use between long boom and tower jib.
BOOM FOOT: 3M Boom Insert: 6M Boom Insert: 9M Boom Insert:
1 Swing Wheel 1 U-type bolt 1 Pin 1 Pin
2 Boom Foot 2 Washer 2 Spring Pin 2 Spring Pin
3 Dragrope Device 3 Nut 3 Bracket 3 Bolt
4 Bearing 4 Plate 4 Bolt 4 Block
5 Oil Cup 5 Clamp 5 Block 5 Bracket
6 Angle Indicating Device 10 Plateform 6 Bracket 6 Bracket
7 Pin 11 3m Boom insert     7 9m Boom insert
8 Spring Pin            
9 Pin            

Looking for FUWA crawler crane boom Manufacturer & supplier ? We can send you a price quotation and assist you with any questions you may have. Crawler crane long boom, crawler crane heavy-duty boom, crane light-duty boom, crawler crane luffing tower boom, fix jib boom. All the Fuwa crane boom are quality guaranteed. We are China Origin Factory of FUWA crawler crane boom. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

FUWA Crane BOOM Part Number: 

Q5010-2 3m boom 
L1012-4  Boom Foot
Q5510-2   Boom Head
Q5010-3 6m Boom
Q5510-3  9M Boom

Q8014-2A  Boom Foot
Q8015-1A   Boom Top
Q8016-2A   9M Boom
Q8017-2A    6M Boom
Q8018-2A   3M Boom
Q8019A       Runner
Q8020-6      Boom Foot
Q8020-7      4.5M Jib
Q8020-8      Boom Top
Q8020-3      Mast

Q10020-1A     3M Boom
Q10020-2A     6M Boom
Q10020-3A     9M Boom
Q10020-4       Boom Head 
Q10020-5A     Boom Foot
Q10020-6A     9M Boom
Q10020-7        12M Boom
Q10022A          Runner
Q10021B           Fixed jib

Q15029-3     Boom Foot
Q15028-7     Boom Head
Q15037-2     9M Boom
Q15038-1     9M Boom
Q15036-2      6M Boom
Q15035-1      3M Boom
Q15039-2      12M Boom
Q15042          Runner
Q15043   Q15044     Fixed JIb

Q16016-1     Boom Foot
Q16016-2      3M Boom
Q16016-3       6M Boom
Q16016-4       9M Boom
Q16016-5       12M Boom
Q16016-7       Runner
Q16017           Fixed Jib

Q25017-1A    Boom Foot
Q25017-2A    3M Boom
Q25017-3A     9M Boom
Q25017-4A     6M Boom
Q25017-5A     Boom  Head
Q25017-15B    6.7M Tapered Section Boom
Q25017-18A     12M Boom
Q25017-19A      Runner
Q25020-6A     3M Boom
Q25020-7A     6M Boom
Q25020-8A      9M Boom
Q25020-9A       Boom Top
Q25020-5A       Boom Foot


1.what can you buy from us?
Crane lattice boom, Hoist winches, Drive cab, Lifting hook, Crawler Track Undercarriage, Crane sheave, Slewing ring bearing etc.

2. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
We are a crane structure pars production and sales as one of the enterprises. We have 10 years of experience in export and import. Our factory can also accept drawing customization. All the crane parts are quality guaranteed.

3.If I only know the excavator model, but can not offer parts No., what should I do ?
 If possible, you can send us pictures of old products, nameplate or the size for reference.

4. how can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

5.How Long ls Guarantee?
We give 1 year guarantee.

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Our main Product:
Structure Parts       Crawler Parts         Hydraulic Parts         Electrical Parts          Maintenance Parts         Planetary Parts
Hoist winches         Track shoes         Hydraulic pump          Cables         Filters  
Counterweights       Sprockets         Hydraulic motor          Monitors         Repair kits  
Lifting hook         Upper rollers         Valve          Controllers         Seal kits  
Crane boom       Lower rollers         Other           Limiter    
Wire rope        Idler pulleys            Sensors           Engin Parts
Drive Cab               Display    
Undercarriage             Handle    
Sheaves               Pedal    
Clutch             Switch    


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